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Chez Roger Leloup…

- 16/11/2012

Roger Leloup reçoit la presse belge chez lui pour le tournage d’un sujet consacré au tome 26 des aventures de Yoko Tsuno diffusé lors du Journal télévisé.


  1. I’m a great admirer of Roger Leloup and his work. I’ve grown up reading the unmatched adventures and stories of Yoko Tsuno. Please, could you indicate me where he lives? It would be an honor to me be able to present my respects and know him. Thank you so much

  2. Dear Artur,
    We can’t give you such information but we will surely forward your message to the author.

  3. Thank you very much Caro de Dupuis, I’m a 21 year-old spanish fan of the work of Mr. Leloup since I was petit. I hope you see my email correctly. I though my comment was going to be something in vain, I see I was wrong. I hope I can see him one day if I go travel to Brussels. Kind regards


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